Experimenting With Writing Approach


For the past week I’ve been trying to outline.

Normally, I’m a pantser. It is, in fact, the only time I “wing it”. I’m normally such an obsessive scheduler/micromanager, it seems out of character that I would be the most comfortable with just free writing.

(This also explains why I was always so… not funny at improv)

But this time I’m trying something new and outlining my plot before I write it. Or, at least, I’m attempting to.

I’ll admit it: I’m not great at planning my plot beforehand.

But this time around I have so many ideas and details that I want to include that I’m worried I’ll drown under if I don’t plan every step out. So I am patiently, diligently outlining in my little notebook, even making a checklist of the most important things that I have to remember.

I’ve made a Three Act outline. And a Greek Monomyth outline. And then a few more lists and character outlines and backstory I’ll probably never use, but should have in the back of my head.

And the writing is… going.

It’s still flowing, but it feels different from when I wing it. I think it’s just something I’ll have to get used to. And, I’ll be the first to admit, it’s nice to have these little plot road markers to follow to stay on track.

It’s something to keep in the back of my mind, to fall back on if the pantsing ever fails me. And it’s something to keep working on.


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