Learning To Juggle

Anyone who’s looked at my projects page can see, I’m currently working on multiple project. Honestly, what’s on my blog is just the tip of the iceberg.

Right now I’m focused on three different projects. Which isn’t new to me, but it’s been a while since I could jump around like this. Usually, when I decide what I’m going to work on, it’s with an almost single-minded purpose. I basically eat, sleep, and breathe what I’m working on.

But this pinball process can be sort of freeing. If I hit a wall in the first draft in one project, I jump to the next and write. Or create character backstories in another. Or curate inspiration artwork for all three. It gives me a brain vacation without me feeling like I’m slacking.

Granted, it helps that I’m obsessed with my calendar. To an unhealthy degree. I just really love deadlines and sticking to a schedule. Very weird, I know.

So, while I’m juggling my projects, here’s my must list (as in, I MUST have these things with me at all times, otherwise I’m jumping out of my skin):

  • my Google Calendar
  • moleskin notebook (one per project)
  • black ballpoint pen
  • dropbox
  • iPod

And my I’d like to have all these things with me all the time, but I understand I can’t carry it all without some major back problems list:

  • laptop with Scrivener
  • internet
  • name generator
  • lots of tea and coffee

So, if you’ve been bogged down with a project for a while, jump to something new. Outline your next book. Write a short story. Or just look for artwork that inspires you to write something, anything. And here’s to more WC meters in lots of colors going up!



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