Camp NaNoWriMo: Week 1

(okay, technically half a week, but still…)

So, the first day of Camp NaNo is done, and this is how I’m doing:


Did I make my day one word count goal?: No.

Did all my obsessive outlining help me?: No.

Did I end up drinking way too much coffee and crashing as soon as I closed down my computer?: Yes.


Yes, my word count goal is really high. Yes, I have very little free time to pull it off. But I’m sticking with it. Mostly because I’m stupidly stubborn and refuse to let this be the first time I don’t finish a NaNo. But also because the idea of having a finished first draft at the end of April makes me stupid happy.

So fuck day one disappointment. I’m gonna hit my WC goal today.

And tomorrow.

Hell, I’m going to get ahead of my WC goal so I can coast that last week. And win.


Crawling backing into the writing cave. It’s getting a little funky in here. Gonna have to get a scented candle or some Febreze or something.

And where is my coffee?

Current NaNo Word Count: 2155/67000


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