Camp NaNoWriMo: Week 2

You know sometimes when you’re falling asleep and you think you hear a sound, but when you look around there’s nothing there? I’ve discovered that that sound is my brain, digging a tunnel with spoons Shawshank-style to escape the inhumane work conditions I’ve put it through.

Before April is over, it just might succeed.

Studies have shown that week 2 of NaNoWriMo is always the worst. It’s the long slog through the mud. It’s when you chase the mirage through the desert. It’s the point in the marathon when your enthusiasm leaves you and you wonder, why the fuck am I running? Nothing’s chasing me?

It’s so bad, my ability to craft metaphors has left me.

But week two is also when you hit your stride. It’s when you finally have the semblance of a normal writing routine. It’s when you look at your word document/scrivener file/notebook/papyrus scroll and say, “2000 words? Okay, I can knock that out in four hours.” You’re not panicking and grasping at straws, trying to hit your daily quota. You have a better grasp of your abilities now, and know what you can do in the free time to write that you have.

Week two is also when you start to see a semblance of a plot. Granted, if you’re lucky, you have that in week one, or even before NaNo in a detailed outline. But if you’re like me, week one was a lot of skipping, singing “lalala backstory backstory world building lala”. And then you run into the mountain that is week two and shit you need some plot.

Plot is never easy. It’s like climbing with no ropes, and you better hope your story has strong fingers. While you’re climbing, you can’t see the summit, but you can see the next handhold. And from there you can see the next one. And… well, you get the idea.

And once you hit the top (which is week three? week four? I don’t know, this metaphor is running out of steam. My brain’s started digging with the spoons again), you can use your momentum to run back down. Or sled down, Your call.

So keep on keepin on, Camp NaNo-ers. You do you. Valar morghulis. Never give up on the good times, livin’ it up is a state of mind.

Crap, my brain’s escaped. Someone go catch it!

Final Thought:


Current NaNo Word Count: 19383/67000


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