Camp NaNoWriMo 2014: A Summary

Well, that’s…done.

April was a bit of a whirlwind. Maybe it was the high WC goal I posed for myself that made it seem so crazy, but the month went by too fast. And what it came down to was the challenge of writing a chapter a night. Which is…um…difficult? Let’s go with difficult. Or challenging.

Towards the end there I felt like a gif of a skydiver, repeating the same loop of falling and yelling, “Goddamnit where’s the ground?”


But after all these weeks of working at such a frenzied pace, now that it’s done, I don’t really know what to do (obviously I know revise, revise, revise, but now right away). I scheduled myself out a little brain vacation away from writing (which I sorely need), but I am learning that I am very bad at that. I guess it’s part of my addictive personality, once I’m hooked on something, it tends to occupy my thoughts all. The. Time.

Like my unholy obsession with donuts.


So the next two weeks will be an exercise in patience and distance. Maybe I’ll take up meditation. Catch up on that pile of ARCs I need to read. See some movies I put off because I couldn’t leave The Couch of Writing. And try, try to not think about my first draft, which is lying in wait on my computer, a little congealed mass of suck that I’m dying to dissect with my red pen of doom.


Just ignore the mess…

Ignore the mess…

Ignore. The. Mess.

Someone bring me a book to distract me, before I go on a terrifying editing spree.


Final Word Count: 67245/67000


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