I am tired.

Granted, I’m always tired. So much so that I’ve been tested for a thyroid condition several times. But ever-present exhaustion is not great when you’re on a deadline. I end up getting all fuzzy brained and my thoughts slip through my fingers.

So what to do when you’re on a time crunch and you’re too tired to see straight?

Well, the obvious answer is to sleep. You can chug all the redbulls and sip coffee all night long, but nothing fixes your problem but getting some shut eye.

So what do you do when you don’t have time to sleep?

Well… that’s a good question.

You can drink coffee and tea and energy drinks. They help to a certain point. But what really gets you through the wall of exhaustion is determination.

You have to remember why you’re writing in the first place, what made you so excited, and cling to that. I try to remember what it was like at the beginning, when the project was new and full of infinite possibilities.

Cling to it! Cling to it like a spider monkey!

(That was the exhaustion talking. Nap now.)



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