Book Recommendation: City of a Thousand Dolls

Kind of reminds me of the opening of The Lion King

Sometimes I get ARC of books and get to read them early and recommend them to all my friends. And that’s awesome. And sometimes I don’t and, while that’s fine and all, I always feel like I’m late to the party.

It’s book FOMO.

So even though it only came out last year, I feel like I’m late to the City of a Thousand Dolls party (which kind of sounds like a Madame Alexander convention). Which makes me a little sad because it’s an awesome book that I know I would have swooped up as soon as it came out.

Miriam Forster’s City of a Thousand Dolls is the story of Nisha, a girl who was abandoned outside of the gates of the private City of a Thousand Dolls–a shelter and training ground for orphaned and unwanted girls–and is the errand girl (and spy) for the Matron who oversees the city. And while she loves her life there, Nisha dreams of eloping with Devan, the handsome courier who delivers to the city, and live life outside its walls. But when girls begin dying under mysterious circumstances, the Matron tasks Nisha with solving the problem before the scandal gets out.

It’s kind of like Memoir of a Geisha meets Naruto meets the Prince of Persia movie with Jake Gyllenhaal (except better than that, because that movie was a mess).

What Intrigued Me: Sadly, you don’t see many fantasy novels set in Asia. So, as a lifelong manga addict, the concept got me really excited. It seemed like all my favorite things in one book.

What Hooked Me: As unique as City of a Thousand Dolls is, the core of the story is a classic: a locked room mystery. The girls are not permitted to leave the city, so the murderer Nisha is looking for has to be a resident, someone she’s known all her life. And really, betrayal is always, always, always fun to read.

What Made Me Fall In Love: Talking cats. Yes, I’m that much of a cat lady.

But really, has there ever been a talking cat that people didn’t love? Salem. Luna. Mogget. Talking cats always steal the show. And, in City of a Thousand Dolls, Jerrit is no exception.

(I also can’t help but like the idea of a girl solving crimes with a talking cat. It sounds like the premise for an NBC show)


City of a Thousand Dolls is available now on Amazon and at your local bookstore. Fat Cat says go read it meow!


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