Backstreet’s Back. ALRIGHT!

I couldn’t help myself

June went by so fast and now here we are, in July, back at Camp. What I like about Camp NaNoWriMo is how casual it is. The November WriMo is traditional: 50000 words/30 days. No exceptions. Camp is more…meh, write what you want, however much you want.

So I use the Camp months to edit. Because it’s so laid back, I don’t feel guilty using the summer months for a process that, I find, goes much faster than my drafting. So I can set a summer goal of 70,000-80,000 words and not stress too much, because some of them are already written.

So what are my goals this Camp NaNo?

Well, clearly to finish editing. I’m a stickler for deadlines .

To not put off my work until 11:00pm. I should learn to find a healthy balance of editing throughout the day.

Not to fall too far behind. Stay pretty much on point/ahead as much as I can.

And, probably most important for me (and probably not important for anyone else):

Don’t go crazy with the snacking.

I cannot eat an entire bag of mint milanos in a day. Nor can I eat an entire loaf of cinnamon bread. I cannot make any emergency runs to Dylan’s Candy Bar. Or to Chipotle. I cannot subsist on a diet of junk food. I must attempt to cook some healthy meals at least five nights a week.

Because if I don’t, I will finally roll out of my apartment on August 1st looking like The Thing.

Well, the one from the 80’s version. I dunno about that modern remake.

Day 1 stats: 5,691/50,299 (hell yeah!)


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