Book Recommendation: Reboot

In case of person freezing, hold down the power button

I have planned for the zombie apocalypse. My plan: prepare for my inevitable demise. It’s one of my certainties in life: I won’t be able to sleep before a flight, nothing goes right the day before vacation, and if there’s a zombie apocalypse I will be one of the first to die.

It’s a well known fact. I have absolutely no zombie survival skills. Which is part of the reason why I don’t watch The Walking Dead, because it’s just rubbing in all the different ways I’ll be a zombie’s snack (I go sublimely with scones and clotted cream).

The other reason is my complete inability to watch ick.

So, when I do read/watch zombie themed things, it usually has an element to distract me from my unsurviveability (like Warm Bodies–book and movie–LOVE Warm Bodies).

So what I like about Amy Tintera’s Reboot is that the zombies aren’t your typical brain-craving variety. They just happen to be kids who woke up after they died (well, with some cool new abilities). But the fact that they’re near-indestructible super teens make them the perfect dystopian police.

Seriously, we should all just bow down to our future zombie overlords now.

Reboot is the story of Wren-178 (as in, woke up after being dead for 178 minutes), who is a bit of a legend among zombies. As a trainer of the new Reboots, she breaks her routine and decides to train Callum-22, who doesn’t stand a chance of surviving. Since he was only dead for 22 minutes, Callum is too weak, too emotional, too human. But the most dangerous thing about Callum is he starts making Wren-178 question her orders.

What Intrigued Me: c’mon ZOMBIE POLICE! If I ever become an evil post-apocalyptic dictator, this is totally going to be my plan. It’s genius (well, until the zombies start feeling guilt).

What Hooked Me: Snarky zombie police. Everything gets better with heaps and heaps of snark.

What Made Me Fall In Love: As I read, I kept thinking about the characters in acting terms. I do that sometimes (guilty, I’m a theater kid), consider the characters in terms of how I’d play them in the movie version of the book. And what I liked about Wren is that she keeps thinking that she’s an emotionless monster because she doesn’t show her emotions/reactions like the lower numbers. But there are examples through the whole novel that this isn’t the case. Wren’s emotions run so deeply, she isnt even aware of them until they’ve already changed her. If anything, she feels more deeply than the lower numbers.

To explain what I mean: okay, so the emotional lower numbers are like a wildfire. Their feelings are very visible and do some surface damage, but they are easily contained/extinguished. Wren’s feelings are like magma moving under the Earth’s crust. They’re very deep, very slow, and you don’t even notice that they are changing the Earth’s surface until it’s too late.

Check out those molten-y feels!

Reboot (and it’s sequel) is available on Amazon and at your local bookstore. Devour it like a zombie devours brains!


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