Book Recommendation: The Falconer

I have some serious fictional hair envy

I have a serious case of wanderlust. I subscribe to many a website that offer deals on hotels. I watch Travel Channel like I’m getting my fix, and secretly wish I was Anthony Bourdain (who easily has one of the best jobs in the world). And I follow many instagram users who post beautiful photos of cities I’ve never been to, and cry a little when I scroll through my feed.

Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a little.

The point is, one such user posts pictures of Edinburgh. Stunningly beautiful photos. Like, I’d be willing to wear a kilt just to go there beautiful photos.

Actually, that wouldn’t be that hard of a bargain. I was totally one of those 90s kids who wore a kilt (and looked tres chic).

But, having read Elizabeth May’s The Falconer, not only do I want to travel to Edinburgh, but I want to travel to Victorian Edinburgh. And kick some ass while I’m there.

Amusement parks around the world: get on it.

The Falconer is the story of Aileana Kameron, debutante by day, faery killer by night. Her job is to hunt down the faeries in Edinburgh before they can slaughter innocent people, aided by Kiaran, the mysteries fae who trains her. But while she’s kicking ass and taking names (while the humans remain in the dark about the danger…typical humans), Aileana is also hunting a specific fae, one who murdered her mother.

What Intrigued Me: It’s a genre mash! (cue Monster Mash playing in my head) Not only is it fantasy, but steampunk, with Aileana designing most of her weapons. And if you don’t like steampunk…well that just makes me kind of sad. We should talk about this. I’ll make  some tea.

What Hooked Me: Derrick, a tiny pixie who lives in Aileana’s closet, snidely remarks on how she’s always ruining her clothes fighting, and gets drunk off honey. I have never related to a character more.

What Made Me Fall In Love: Have I mentioned all the kicking ass and taking names? I like strong women characters. Not the generic “strong female characters”, I like my girls with depth and complexity and flaws. And fear. They can be terrified out of their mind, but still know their way around a weapon and can defend themselves should the situation arise (and it usually does). And Aileana joins that austere category of women.

All Hail The Queen!

The Falconer is available now through Amazon and at your local ass-kicking bookstore (which are all bookstores). Go read the crap out of it!


One thought on “Book Recommendation: The Falconer

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