Food for Thought: Cucumber Tea Sandwiches

Tea Time!

Tea Time!

Saturday night is now Doctor Who night. Things like “plans” and “going out” are not even seriously considered. It’s Doctor Who.

And I like to celebrate a new episode accordingly. This past Saturday, it was with a tea party.

Vastra, the fact that you don’t have your own show is a crime

First up: the tea. I recently discovered (technically re-discovered) this jasmine tea, which is like a beautiful calming symphony on my taste buds. Seriously. Best way to relax.

Second: cucumber tea sandwiches, my favorite traditional tea snack. Since Doctor Who episodes air at night, it’s not a traditional tea per se, but I don’t exactly care. I will eat tiny sandwiches whenever I want.

And sometimes that time is 9:00 at night

And sometimes that time is 9:00 at night

And the final component to an Erica-fied tea service: Mint Milanos. Because every situation requires Mint Milanos. End of story.

Mmmm, tea time

Mmmm, tea time

Find the amazingly simple recipe for cucumber tea sandwiches on For The Feast.

Yeah, this was pretty much my weekend


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