What To Do When What You Do Fails

Yes, this has happened to me.

Chances are this has happened to you: you’ve started a new project. You’ve got a blank notebook, or word document, or scrivener file. You’ve got a concept that nags you constantly like a nicotine addiction or an itch you have to scratch. You’ve got the whole thing in front of you, blank, unknowable, and full of possibility.

And then it stays blank.

If you’re like me, you’ve got the vague semblance of a process, a series of steps that help guide your story. A routine. Something familiar when facing down all this unknown.

Inevitably, that process is going to fail you.

If you use the same creative process every time, it’s going to become too easy. It’ll become uninspired. And you will outgrow it.

Furthermore, no one should be working under the assumption that all stories can be written the same way. I mean, just writing that sounded silly to me. Stories are unique, and should be approached uniquely in the telling. More often than not, writing is trial and error.

Which, for me, means ignoring my control freak tendencies and allow myself to just…wing it.

Which, if you’re like me and outlines are your friend, is much harder than it looks.

Sound off in the comments: how do you cope when your process fails you?

This is one way


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