Food for Thought: Cranberry-Orange Crumble



I’ve been in charge of the Christmas desserts for the past eight years. Mostly because I’m the only person in my family that enjoys baking and doesn’t get stressed out by the holidays. Everyone else gets very worked up over the cleaning and decorations and presents, and baking takes a lot of patience.

I love my family, but they’re not great in the patience department.

I try to mix up what I make every year, but the one thing that has been requested since I began the dessert tradition is my cranberry-orange crumble. It’s delicious. It’s tangy. It’s spicy. It’s the holidays on a plate.

So why am I baking it now? It’s nowhere near Christmas.

Well, because my sister asked me to.

Yes, it’s care package time. That special time of year when I bust out the best of the baked good recipes and mail them to a house full of hungry sorority girls. And, as this is her last year of college, I am making all her favorites.

The magic happens in the oven

The magic happens in the oven

Want some delicious crumble? Find the recipe on SheKnows!


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