Book Recommendation: Holiday Gift Guide


It’s that time of year when budgets are broken, and you get paper cuts from wrapping paper. It’s the happiest time of year, and also the most stressful.

It’s also the time of year when I can buy books for all my friends and family. Here are a few:

The popular choice

So, my sister doesn’t read. It’s not her idea of fun. Honestly, I don’t understand it and I never will. And I will also never give up trying to get her to read for fun. Case in point, Sharp Objects. She saw Gone Girl in theaters and loved it and, since my sister is a journalist, I thought she would like Sharp Objects even more. Here’s hoping she reads it.

SO popular

Bonus! If I had my way, and my sister liked/read YA regularly, I would get her We Were Liars, because it has all her favorite things. Dark secrets, check. Wealthy people, check. The Hamptons, check. I should just force her to read this.

So dark. So mysterious.

This is an easy one: I’m getting it for my friend, Marina. She likes dark, Gothic tales. Too. Easy.

So purple!

A friend of mine gets a lot of produce each week from a farm program, and is always struggling to figure out what to cook with it all. So the Prune cookbook, besides being one of the prettiest cookbooks I’ve seen in a while, is a really safe bet. Hopefully he invites me over for dinner.

Emphasis on terrible

One of my roommates from college does several marathons every year, something that I will never understand. So, since I have no idea what present to get to tie into all the marathon training, I figured this book by The Oatmeal would be a funny way to joke about running after a long race.

I wonder…

My father is both easy and difficult to shop for. Easy, because I know he always likes books. Hard, because our interests are so different, and I can honestly never be sure which books he’s already read. But, I figure, What If? is a safe choice. Not only is there the science he likes, but the weirdness that he’ll find funny.


Bonus for Dad: The Martian.

Space? Check.

Science? Check.

Thriller? Check.


So much shoulder blade on this cover

My mother has two stipulations: 1) Murder mystery. 2) Audio book. My mother doesn’t read, in the traditional sense of the word, but only listens to audiobooks. And, since she enjoyed Harry Potter so much, it made sense to get her The Cuckoo’s Calling and check off the mystery requirement with a J.K. Rowling bonus.

So primary!

This is my go-to present for anyone. Everyone. It’s one of my favorite books, so I insist everyone I know read it. It’s the best gift to give that person on your list that you can’t quite figure out. The answer is easy: Ready Player One. The answer is ALWAYS Ready Player One.

Now that all the Christmas shopping is done, I just have to wrap them. But that means waiting patiently until Fat Cat falls asleep, because her idea of “helping” is testing optimum unwrapping capabilities.

This sums up Christmas in my apartment

Sound off in the comments: what books are you giving for Christmas?


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