All I Want For Christmas (and Valentine’s Day, and my birthday…)

Things I wish my books said to me

So, no actual book recommendation this week, because I’ve been crazy busy getting things done before the holidays. And crazy writing. Have not yet achieved the balance of writing on a deadline and reading at the same time.

So, instead, here are the books I’m looking forward to in 2015.

GAAAH! So Pretty!

So, I don’t think I have fully expressed here just how much I love Holly Black’s books. They’re beautiful and gritty and dark, and I want to crawl inside and live in them, but I’m a bit of a marshmallow and probably wouldn’t survive in her fictional world. But, GAH! I am so excited for this book.

So magical!

I read Sarah Addison Allen’s books when I want to be happy. Because that’s what they do: they just make me very, very happy. Her style of small town magical realism makes me want to move to the country and open a magical pie shop. Which, anyone who knows me can vouch, is a terrible idea since I’m allergic to about 80% of nature.

Even better, her latest is a sequel to Garden Spells. Which means more delicious-sounding magical food!

It’s like they knew what my favorite color is

I. Love. Tattoos. I think they’re incredible, I love the artwork, and I love when they have a meaning behind them. I would have more of them, but I’ve very serious about, not only making sure it’s something I could live with and love forever, but that it commemorates something significant in my life. But I do love seeing other people’s tattoos, and reading about them. So magical tattoos? I am so in, it’s crazy.

Such a mysterious horizon

I devoured—devoured—the first two books in Megan Shepherd’s series. As someone who has a degree in English Lit, I love the source material to begin with, and I lurve her fresh take on it. The first two novels link The Island of Dr. Moreau and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde together in one larger story, and the finale wraps things up with Frankenstein. I’ve read Frankenstein and, in my opinion, the book is WAY darker than any Hollywood horror interpretation, so to say I’m excited to read this is a bit of an understatement.

Red like blood? Is this foreshadowing something?

I don’t think I can put into words how ready I am for this book. When I read The Bone Season, I got angry that it was so good. Furious. And then that ending…well, I needed the sequel. Stat. And now it’s here. *Deep breaths* *Prepares self for total emotional annihilation*

This cover SLAYS

I’m going to prove why this book is going to be awesome just by the cover alone: 1) Upside down crown—so there’s going to be a crazy power struggle. 2) The dark blood and—even better—those cool blood drips. It’s about to get deadly. AND 3) That tagline! The word “game” is in it, so you know it’s going to be twisty and fun. Honestly, do you need more to go on?


Words are failing me. I don’t think even I can fully fathom just how much I want this book in my life. *Melts into a giant fangirl puddle*

It’s just…so…BEAUTIFUL!

*Dies of joy*

*Returns from dead to read book*

*Sent back by Abhorsen’s bells*

Let me be frank: this is just the tip of my fangirl iceberg. There are so so SOOOOO many books I am dying to read in 2015, and I am going to drive myself to destruction to do it. So prepare yourself, my poor abused e-reader and already-overflowing-with-books apartment: 2015 is going to be crazy.

Crazy awesome.

GET READY, 2015!


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