2015 Resolutions

Resolution: get my eyebrow game on point like Marilyn’s

This year, I am sticking to my resolutions. This is the year I’m going to do it. And to help me get it done, I will make all my resolutions public.

That way, the public shaming will be there if I fail.

So here, on the last day of 2014, are my resolutions:

  1. Eat Healthier. Granted, I don’t eat super unhealthy. It’s not like I’m eating mondo burritos filled with potato chips and gummi worms every day. But I always have a little dessert after dinner. And donuts on the weekend. And snack on Mint Milanos while I’m writing. And yes, I love potato chips with french onion dip because that crap is delicious. And I bake chocolate chip cookies when I’m bored. And my grocery cart usually holds more ice cream than vegetables. And I have had dinners that are just wine and cheese.
    So this New Year, I am giving up 80% of the crap (because I don’t believe in cutting things out entirely). I will grocery shop responsibly. I will snack better. The dinners I make at home will be less pasta, more protein and vegetables. There will be less boredom baking, more boredom walking. And I’ve downloaded the phone apps to keep track of everything and hold myself to that.
  2. Take Up Boxing. This ties in a little to the whole healthier attitude in 2015. In unsurprising news: I am not a huge fan of working out. Mostly because I get injured. A lot. So gyms and workouts and cardio and spin classes? Not a huge fan. Dance classes and yoga, I love but am no longer allowed to do because of said injuries. So boxing it is. I’ve always wanted to learn, and now I’m going to finally take the leap and take a class and learn to be a badass. If badassery can be taught. I hope it can.
  3. Meditate Every Night Before Bed. This doesn’t mean I roll out the yoga mat and fold myself up into an uncomfortable position. This just means I unplug from everything five minutes before I go to sleep and try to clear my mind. Because my mind is a jumbled mess that jumps into overdrive when I’m trying to fall asleep. I’ll lie down, get under the covers, and then have to jump up to do something I’ve forgotten, or check something, or write down a story idea that pops into my head. Which is wrecking havoc on my ability to get a full eight hours of sleep. But no more! Not in 2015!
  4. Finish the First Drafts of Two Manuscripts. The ambitious resolution. See all those progress bars to the right? I’m going to add two new complete ones next year. I will schedule out my word count goals. I will do some sprinting. I will research and outline and read, so much reading. I will NaNo and Camp NaNo and just plain buckle down all the other months. I will get it done—just a first draft, not two finished, polished manuscripts. But just two different stories that I can then go back and edit into submission. I’m gonna make it happen.

So hold me to it, readers. These are all things I can do, that don’t rely on anyone else to achieve. This is all on me. And damn it, I’m going to do it this year.


Oh, and also:


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