Positive Reinforcement


I had lunch with my sister last week and she asked me how I managed to write so much. And really, the answer has two parts. The first part is the passion I have for writing, almost a compulsion. I have to write. I’m not as happy if I don’t.

But the second part is how I get through the dry spells, the writer’s block (or, you know, The Middle), and finish my projects. I reward myself.

I believe in positive reinforcement, and celebrating a job well done (or just done). While it’s good to set up achievable milestones, it’s also good to celebrate them, to give them meaning and give you something to look forward to.

I set it up in tiers so that, no matter the milestone, I have something to look forward to.

For example:

Hit word count for the day = a drink

Hitting word count for a week = order takeout

A finished draft = a cupcake

Winning NaNoWriMo = a pedicure

Finishing several drafts and ending with a polished MS = a massage

While it’s important to write for the sake of writing, and enjoying it, I believe it’s also important to have something special to look forward to, to keep driving you forward. So when you do something momentous, even if it’s small, celebrate it. Treat yo’ self!

Goals. Right here.

Who else is planning to hit some writing goals this year? Sound off in the comments how you celebrate.



One thought on “Positive Reinforcement

  1. […] in checking off one of my goals—getting through a big round of edits on one of my projects. Now, I wrote a while back about positive reinforcement to celebrate achieving milestones, but sometimes you don’t have time to celebrate. Sometimes you just need to buckle down and […]

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