This is how I survived the blizzard of 2015

It happened: I reached the first wall in my new project. Which is…frustrating.

I may just be coming down with something. I suffer from migraines, and they have been plentiful. They make it hard to concentrate—or just plain think—and I just end up sleeping. Hopefully I feel better soon.

But that, coupled with a plot block, has made my writing very scarce.

What helps is that, once I feel better, I know how to get around the block. I need to step back and do more research. In short: I need to read more before I can write more. And once I get a better grasp on the topic I want to write about, my writing mojo will come back.

I hope.

If it doesn’t…well…then I’ll probably need to give up my diet and start stress baking.

Or maybe the less extreme option of working on one of my other projects.

No. Give me sugar.

A more bearded version of me


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