I’m Not Going To Write You A Love Song

I am still young Fred Savage

Full disclosure: I am not a romantic person. Love stories and romance? Makes me break out in hives. Roses and champagne and candles sound more like a fire hazard than a dream date. Talking about emotions and feelings makes me want to shove my fingers in my ears and run off screaming. Valentines Day has never appealed to me.

But this personality trait (quirk? disposition?) has held back my writing.

Remember my whole “pushing myself out of my comfort zone” theme of NaNo 2014? Yeah, that’s carrying over into my writing in 2015 (and probably long after, as it’s a good belief to have). And one of my comfort zones in my writing is glaringly obvious:

I avoid writing love scenes like the plague.

It’s not that I’m opposed to all romance. I’m not. I like a good romance in my reading every now and then. And my past manuscripts have all contained a romance plot.

It’s just never been the main plot. More often than not, the romance is a very small side plot. Because my girls have more important things (namely life-or-death scenarios) to deal with. Like I said, romance has never been particularly important to me.

But no longer.

No, I am forging bravely, confidently, out of my cozy bubble of “meh. Romance. Whatever.” I am pushing myself and making the love story the more dominant plot line. Nay, the main plot line.

No longer will my romance scenes consist of:

“…and they kissed.”

(end scene)

There will be description. Deeper feelings will be explored. Metaphors will be used.

Because I can’t keep letting this be my weak spot, my Achilles Heel that I avoid. I want to improve my writing in 2015, and this is something that needs improvement.

So wish me luck as I wade into the crowded hot tub of romance writing.

Yup. I’m a Chandler.


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