New Project 2.0

Sigh. Unfortunately true.

It’s tough decision time: I’ve chosen to table the work I’ve already done on the new WIP and start over. Which means that I’m essentially throwing away 20,000 words. And that, obviously, sucks.

But… I know it’s the right choice.

It’s not like those 20k words were awful. They weren’t. There were some good things in there, some workable stuff. But the story wasn’t there, and when it comes down to it, that’s more important. The writing can be beautiful and perfect (which, hey, it wasn’t), but if there isn’t an actual story, it’s useless.

So, reboot. New WIP 2.0.

Here’s what makes 2.0 different (and why I think it’ll be more successful):

  • More thorough outline going into the writing process
  • Clearer concept of each character
  • Thorough outline of the world building
  • Research. Research. Research.

In short: more plotting, less pantsing.

You’d think I’d have learned my lesson.

Can we? Please?


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