The Fortress of Solitude

Yes, I wear a cape too

When I’m working on a project, I submerge.

I bury myself in work, focusing single-mindedly on writing writing writing. I stop watching TV, I don’t go out to movies or parties, I even cut down on reading. I am in the zone.

When I’m juggling two projects, I disappear.

It’s not just rationing my free time. It’s gone. I’m gone. No TV. No reading. No friends. No social life. Nada.

Which is, maybe, not entirely healthy. But I am nothing if not stubborn.

So it’s going to get done. I am going to hit my word counts and outline like the madwoman I am and get it done.

And, hopefully during the process, find a better way to juggle.

Because isolating yourself, even to work, isn’t healthy. Nor is it fun. Nor is it good for fostering creativity. I can pretty much guarantee, I’m going to burn out at this pace. One day, my brain is just going to give up with a goofy fart noise and turn to mush. And then, all I’ll be doing is binge watching old episodes of Batman Beyond and Teen Titans.

Which—okay, yay DC animated shows!—but still, not a good way to wrap up those projects. And that’s if I finish before my brain gives out. No guarantees.

Actually, I’m a pessimist. It’s not even likely.

So, what I’m trying to say in my rambly, roundabout way is…


Lost my train of thought. First symptom of brain mush.

*Turns on Batman Beyond*

Yeah…totally relate…*side eye*




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