Working Girl

Pretty much

In personal news, I started a new job this past week. I also had major family drama taking up some of my time. And I turned a whole year older.

So writing time? Kind of non-existent.

But it’s not just the dramatically decreased amount of free time. I can work with that. I can wake up earlier, write more on the weekends, watch less TV. There are options here.

No, it’s the sheer exhaustion. Last week, I would get home every night and pass out. Just…barely managed to eat some dinner, curl up, and sleeeeeep.

Which I’m hoping I can just chalk up to an adjustment period, and not the signs of that thyroid issue I should probably get tested…


Here’s hoping I adjust to my new schedule/life quickly. And get my sleep cycle in check. Because there’s a lot of writing I want to do.

You know it, Ru!


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