Madwoman Challenge

Thaaaaat’s Me!

This weekend, I’m going to go crazy.

Okay, maybe not crazy crazy…



Best case scenario: I just get super stir crazy. Because this weekend, I plan to write…




*echoes into the void…forever*

Here’s the challenge: 2 days. 20k words. 0 excuses.

You may be asking, why Erica? Why would you ever do this to yourself? Because, disembodied voice questioning my life decisions, I just want to get a chunk of writing done. I feel like I am behind on my goals, that I know what I want to write but haven’t made the time to do it yet, and because I want to challenge myself.

So I’ve broken it down (because I’m such a Type A person):

Goal per day: 10,000 words

Hours of writing per day: 16

Words per hour: 625

Game plan: WORD SPRINTS!

All the sprinting. Short breaks to re-charge my brain, but just hours and hours of writing. I will be adjusting my target goals in Scrivener to track my progress for the weekend (and because I love when it turns green when I near my WC goal).

So nobody interrupt me. Don’t let anything important happen this weekend, because I am getting this writing down. I am determined to pull this off. Even though it’s madness.

No, this is not madness.







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