You Look Vaguely Familiar…

I can explain…

So, now that Camp NaNo is over, I’m moving on to…NaNo. Well, old NaNo. Specifically this past NaNo’s project.

To recap:

This past November I was working on a YA MS. I ended up winning NaNo but putting aside the manuscript before finishing it. Why?



Honestly, I started to hate it.

I had hit a wall towards the end of November. It took a lot just to hit 50k. Finishing the MS just seemed like too big of a mountain to climb, too daunting. Too much.

So I put it aside.

I figured, at best I was taking a breather. At worst, putting it in the drawer (ok, the digital drawer). Which is just the way of things.

Turns out, it was the best case scenario.

Just this week, I picked up my old NaNo project and started to read. And my first thought was: Crap. I don’t remember writing any of this.

It’s not that I think it’s terrible. It has promise. I just don’t remember any of the plot. Any of it. So as I read, I keep surprising myself. Which sounds both asshole-y and dumb. But true. My mind was just so full of other projects, other plots, that I could not remember how this one went.

Which might be my answer.

Maybe my crazed NaNo writing just burned me out. Maybe I was so wrapped up in the minutiae of the story, I couldn’t see the big picture any more. Maybe I had taken a wrong plot turn and couldn’t figure out where I went so off course.

But now I have enough distance and time to take that second look. My mind is clear.

Or so I hope.

I just started. I can’t project anything.

But here’s hoping.

So much. So. Much.


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