The New Normal

That face!

One of the things I’ve struggled with a lot over the past few months is finding a new writing schedule that works for me. Because my life has changed, and now my writing time has to adapt. And my usual habit of writing at night no longer works.

Frankly, it’s because my sleep cycle’s changed, and I’ve been going to bed earlier than I used to. Which is good, because my body was in desperate need of a healthier sleep schedule (I was in desperate need of better health in general). But also bad, because it cuts into my writing time. So…

I essentially have three options:

  1. Wake up early and write
  2. Write on the weekends
  3. Learn to live with less writing time at night

Now, let’s break it down:


  1. Wake Up Early And Write: Pretty self explanatory. 6am tends to be the magic number (and also the earliest I can think of waking up without wanting to cry), so I’d have to get up at early o’clock in the morning and write for 1-1.5 hours. Every morning. Sigh. This method seems to work for a lot of people who, I suspect, are already morning people. But it’s worth a try, right?
    Pro: Quiet time to get work done before my day begins
    Con:  But my bed is sooooo cooooooomfy
  2. Write on the Weekends: Also, pretty self explanatory. Just stay home and write on the weekends. Which gives me a buttload of time to write. But it also cuts out things like a social life, time to relax, and travel opportunities. All good things that I’m trying to balance with my work schedule. Something has to give, but giving up all of that permanently for more writing time? Doesn’t seem healthy.
    Pro: So much free time to write!
    Con: Forget the meanings of the words “sunlight”, “outdoors”, “relaxation”
  3. Learn to Live with Less Writing Time at Night: The easiest change to adopt. All it involves is learning to accept that, instead of having 5-6 hours a night to write, I have 2-3. I’ll just have to learn to work with that, and carry on. Which is easier said than done.
    Pro: Schedule doesn’t actually change
    Con: Volume of work done significantly decreases

For now, I’ve been juggling numbers 2 and 3 just because I am not a morning person. But starting next week, I’m going to attempt mornings as well. Just to see what happens. Maybe I’ll find my brain enters a magical trance in the morning, before my second cup of coffee kicks in. Maybe I’ll find that Morning Erica has no grasp of the English Language. Or maybe Morning Erica will fall asleep and drool on her keyboard.

I won’t know until I try.

So I’ll keep experimenting and trying new things and mixing up my schedule until I find my new normal.

Preach, Aggie





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