Book Recommendation: The Shadow Behind The Stars

So preeeetttttttyyyyy

I love Greek Mythology. I am a mythology nerd. It’s something that I got really into when I was a kid and never gave up. So it’s always a bit of bookish catnip for me when I see a story based off Greek Mythology, or a retelling of a Green myth, or a modernization. I can’t help myself. I’m just a girl who can’t say no.

Luckily, my latest find is capital-G Gorgeous.

Heed this warning, mortal: stay far away from the three sister Fates. For if they come to love you, they might bring about the end of the world…

Chloe is the youngest. Hers are the fingers that choose the wool, that shape the thread, that begin it. The sun smiles upon her. Men love her without knowing who she is. She has lived forever and will live forever more. She and her sisters have been on their isolated Greek island for centuries, longer than any mortal can remember. They spin, measure, and slice the countless golden threads of human life. They are the three Fates, and they have stayed separate for good reason: it is dangerous for them to become involved with the humans whose lives they shape.

So when a beautiful girl named Aglaia shows up on their doorstep, Chloe tries to make sure her sisters don’t become attached. But in seeking to protect them, Chloe discovers the dark power of Aglaia’s destiny. As her path unwinds, the three Fates find themselves pulled inextricably along—toward mortal pain, and mortal love, and a fate that could unravel the world.


What Intrigued Me: I have read many myths. I have read many retellings/reinterpretations/remixes of myths. I have not seen many stories about the Fates. Gods and heroes, yes. But the mysterious immortal Fates (or heck, even most of the non-god immortals)? I could use more of those in my life.

What Hooked Me: Some of the earliest forms of poetry come from Ancient Greece. They have a long history of telling epic stories. So, true to form, this book is sweeping and epic and lyrical. It’s just beautiful and haunting and sticks its hooks in your and refuses to let go.

What Made Me Fall In Love: Everything? Let me just list it all:

  • The sisters Fate
  • Angry, bitter Chloe
  • Furious Aglaia
  • MONSTER!!!
  • Unrequited love
  • Unanswered wishes
  • It’s the end of the world as we know it
  • All the feels

Look, I don’t want to give too much away, so consider this: I read this entire book while sitting on a grey, overcast, cold beach. And it matched the tone of the book perfectly. So if that’s the kind of summer reading you enjoy (perfect for not-summer people like me), then what are you waiting for? Get this book and drown yourself in emotions.

This could be you too

The Shadow Behind The Stars is available online and at your local bookstore. You’re fated to grab a copy.


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