Book Recommendation: The Rest of Us Just Live Here

Don’t go into the blue light

I like cleverness. I like when an idea is clearly well thought out and finely crafted. I like unique twists on a familiar idea.

I love when something is so smart, it makes my teeth hurt. Like this:

What if you aren’t the Chosen One? The one who’s supposed to fight the zombies, or the soul-eating ghosts, or whatever the heck this new thing is, with the blue lights and the death?

What if you’re like Mikey? Who just wants to graduate and go to prom and maybe finally work up the courage to ask Henna out before someone goes and blows up the high school. Again.

Because sometimes there are problems bigger than this week’s end of the world, and sometimes you just have to find the extraordinary in your ordinary life.

Even if your best friend is worshipped by mountain lions.


What Intrigued Me: I love clever twists on tropes. And is there any trope more tropey than The Chosen One? So inverting the Chosen One trope to follow one of the extras, someone trying to live a completely ordinary life in a crazy universe? Clever. Too clever. My-teeth-hurt-clever.

What Hooked Me: Three words.




What Made Me Fall In Love: Okay, God of Cats? Hard to top. But the adulation of cats aside, the beauty of this book is that the important plot is in the unassuming. You never feel like you’re missing the “A plot” (which is summarized in wonderful chapter titles) and are settling for a “B plot”. Sure, the Chosen One and an Immortal invasion seems shiny and exciting. But the heart is in the story of a group of friends facing live post-graduation. That’s the real danger.

I can pretty much guarantee: you’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You will feel conflicting emotions at the same time. And you won’t give a crap about invasions, because it’s just not as scary as saying goodbye.

Behold the adulation of cats!

The Rest of Us Just Live Here is available online and at your local bookstore. Grab a copy before they mysteriously vanish (along with all the indie kids).


One thought on “Book Recommendation: The Rest of Us Just Live Here

  1. I love Mr. Ness’ books, especially his ‘Chaos Walking’ series. He’s one of the very few authors whose words on a page can cause actual sobbing grief; one word: Manchee. I’m currently nearly done with ‘The Rest of Us Just Live Here’, (I’m bookmarked at chapter twenty), having begun it about six hours ago, and I have to heartedly agree with everything you’ve written in your review above. A wonderful, emotionally satisfying read.

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