NaNoWriMo 2015: Week 3

The dread when I think about Week 3

Whelp, life caught up to me. And by life, I mean work and prepping for the holidays and a lot of general exhaustion. And donuts. Donuts definitely caught up to me.


The Project: is still on target. I’m exhausted and frustrated and seem to be existing on tea and scotch (occasionally at the same time), but I’m writing. I’m getting words on the page. Not particularly great words, but that’s what post-NaNo editing is for, am I right?

And it’s not like this draft is worse than the last one. It’s not. It’s better (not that it’s hard to be better than the last draft…oof). But it hasn’t hit that magical place yet, where I love the actual words and sentences, and not just the concept or the plot. So it’s a weird, tenuous relationship until I start to feel that love. It’ll be a while. And, until then, I’ll just have to do the actual work of writing.

My Mental State: is distinctly silly. Maybe it’s the exhaustion and really crappy sleep schedule I’ve been sticking to, but I fluctuate between stressed and…goofy. Like, really strange non sequitur goofy. Which is why I’m designating December as a “rest and recovery” month. Granted, I don’t know how much rest I’ll actually get with the holidays and all that craziness, but a girl can dream, right?

Until then I will continue to speak Italian to my cat, belt out show tunes at all hours of the night, slip into silly accents when I talk to people, and consider ice cream a legitimate dinner option until this NaNo is done.

Hell YEAH I’m weird

Stats Thus Far:

Day: 18

Words: 28,800


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