NaNoWriMo 2015: The Wrap Up

Me right now

So… that just happened.

And I am utterly burnt out. By the end there I was just plowing through the words, trying to get done. I completely missed posting about Week 4 because I just needed to write and stay focused.

Now NaNo is done, my sleep schedule has returned (mostly) to normal, and eventually my eyes will forgive me for all the strain I put them under.

So, what did I learn this year?

  1. Writing Time Is SacredIf I take anything away from this year’s NaNo, it’s that if I want to get writing done, I have to set time aside for it and prioritize it. Life is crazy, and there are never enough hours in the day (which is why I propose moving to one of those planets with slower rotation and a longer journey around the sun). Work, friends, Netflix, holiday shopping, everything just keeps trying to get in the way of writing and suck up time. Which is why it’s important to say “no.”
    Wanna go out to dinner? No.
    Wanna see a movie? No.
    Wanna binge watch Jessica Jones? Yeeee—no.
    Yeah, it suuuuuucks. But, let’s face it, this NaNo project? It’s for you. If you don’t finish, no one else is going to care or be disappointed. But if you finish? That’s all you. And it’s an awesome feeling.
  2. There Is No Perfect Way To Write A Book—There is no one, perfect way to write a novel. Everyone has their own process that works for them. But there is no one, perfect process that works for every novel. Some books flow freely. Some have to be meticulously plotted out ahead of time. Some unravel chronologically. Some have to be written piecemeal in random order.
    Each book is a special snowflake, and each book has their own demands how they have to be written. You just have to be flexible and go with it.
  3. Wine Makes Me Sleepy—Yeah, my usual writing process of a glass of wine and my laptop? Now makes me pass out and drool on my poor, long-suffering computer. I should just stick to tea.

Now it’s over and so, December, I welcome you. You shall be a month of sleep, holiday parties, cookie baking, and cheesy movies. Oh, and eggnog. Definitely, eggnog.

Hell Yeah

Sound off in the comments: what did you learn this NaNoWriMo?


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