2015 Holiday Gift List

Cornucopia of giving!

Happy Holidays!

It’s that time of year. The merriest time of year. Also, the peppermint mocha-iest time of year. I don’t know about you, but I started my present shopping back at the beginning of November. Why? Because I’m a nut. Also, because I always end up getting large, complex, vaguely thoughtful presents.

Okay, honestly, I just buy a lot of crap that I want, and then try to figure out which of my friends or family would like it too. Usually, that means I buy a ton of books and give them away.

But how to choose which books…

(warning: there are no children’s or YA books on this list because I couldn’t narrow them down. So I’m giving them their own blog post later this week)

For The Stressed Out Workaholic:

I know, coloring books are so hot right now, you might as well call them Hansel. But they’re popular for a reason, they’re calming. Have you ever seen a kid with a coloring book. They are so chill.

And if you throw in some really nice colored pencils, it turns into a fun adult gift that makes you feel like a kid again.

For The Sciencey People:

Okay, I haven’t read this one yet, but I really really want to. And what could be more badass than women in science?

Nothing. Nothing is more badass.

For The Kids In Your Life:

I’m obsessed with this special edition of Peter Pan. I’m very tempted to keep a copy for myself. It’s gorgeous, interactive, and cloth-bound for fancy pants kids. It’s seriously stunning.

For The Cat Lover:

Because—believe me—they do.

For The Dog Lover:

Because dog lovers should know how to knit tiny dogs for their dogs to play with.

For The Chef You Know:

I believe that everyone should have a fancy cookbook to reference on Taco Tuesday.

For The Awesome and The Weird:

Hi, have you met me? I’m obsessed with WTNV, and I believe that everyone else should be obsessed as well. If I jumped into this crazy presidential race, that would be my platform. It’s a wonder I’m not giving this book to everyone on my list.

For The Person Who Binge Watched Jessica Jones:

If I don’t get a Ms. Marvel film or TV adaptation anytime soon, I’m gonna Hulk out.

For The Tea + Book Addict:

I love this book, and it pairs excellently with chamomile.

And a lot of cookies.

For The Person You’re Obligated To Get A Gift For, But Have Absolutely No Idea What They Like:

If they don’t love this book, they probably don’t have a soul.

Let’s be honest, this is pretty accurate

Sound off in the comments: what books are you giving this holiday season?


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