New Year’s Resolutions

The hat game here is fierce

2016 just started, and I’m already behind. I am (honestly) only now coming up with my resolutions for the year. Why did I put it off so late?

Because I suck at sticking with my resolutions. More so than most people. I’m just terrible.

But this year, my resolutions will be bookish resolutions. And those are more interesting to stick to than giving up sweets.

Get to eat this while I stick to my resolutions

Resolution #1: Read 75 Books

Yes, this was my reading goal last year. But I ended up 5 books short. So this year, I’m going to do it. It’s going to happen.

Bye bye social life.

Resolution #2: Read More Widely Outside My Genre

Let’s be real—I love YA Fantasy. It’s an addiction, even more irresistible than Sweet Tarts (and I luuuuurve Sweet Tarts). But I also write YA Fantasy. And that’s dangerously close to genre overload. So I’m going to try to expand my horizons and read more diversely across age range and genre.

Buuuuttttttt…probably still not romance. Sorry. I have yet to find one I like.

Resolution #3: When Writing, Take New Roads

The one thing I am determined to avoid is falling into a writing rut. The last thing I ever want my books to be is predictable (or *shudder* formulaic). So:

  • I will create characters that refuse to fit in the box.
  • I will torture them.
  • I will use anti-improv rules and say “no, and…” and “yes, but…” to my characters’ wants and goals.
  • I will use the explanation “but magic” less often in my plots.
  • I will use the explanations “SCIENCE!” “LOGIC!” and “TRICKERY!” more often.
  • I will infuse more romance into my plots. And I will make it good, not sappy.
  • I will write things that scare me.
  • I will write the books I want to read.

Resolution #4: Set A Schedule. Stick To It.

To be entirely honest, I push myself really hard. It’s always been a problem with me; I just don’t know when to let it go and move on. I get very ambitious, work myself to the point of exhaustion, and then crash.

Which, let’s be real, is a terrible long term plan.

So starting 2016, I will set aside designated writing times, and designated reading time. And designated meditation time. And designated Netflix time. And designated outdoors time (ugh, fresh air).

Basically, my calendar alerts will be going off like crazy.

Resolution #5: Eat More Sweets

I know. It’s a hard challenge to keep. More sweets, you might say. Erica, how could you possibly eat more sweets?

Because it’s tradition.

My traditional reward for finishing a MS is a cupcake. Or banana pudding. Or cinnamon rolls. Or doughnuts. You know, what I choose to eat as a reward isn’t important. What is important is that, by this time next year, a lot of those progress bars in my sidebar are going to be completely filled in.

So bring it on 2016.

Thanks Tennant!


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