Book Recommendation: Lock & Mori

So ominous!

Like millions of others, I watched the Sherlock holiday episode. And, like millions of others, I loved it. And, like millions of others, I was very very confused by the ending.

But also, like millions of others, I loved seeing Moriarty again (Did you miss me? Yes).

Let’s be real here—Moriarty is a bucket of crazy, which makes him wickedly wonderful to watch. So, when confronted with a YA starring a teenage, female Moriarty?





In modern-day London, two brilliant high school students—one Sherlock Holmes and a Miss James “Mori” Moriarty—meet. A murder will bring them together. The truth very well might drive them apart.

Before they were mortal enemies, they were much more…

FACT: Someone has been murdered in London’s Regent’s Park. The police have no leads.

FACT: Miss James “Mori” Moriarty and Sherlock “Lock” Holmes should be hitting the books on a school night. Instead, they are out crashing a crime scene.

FACT: Lock has challenged Mori to solve the case before he does. Challenge accepted.

FACT: Despite agreeing to Lock’s one rule—they must share every clue with each other—Mori is keeping secrets.

OBSERVATION: Sometimes you can’t trust the people closest to you with matters of the heart. And after this case, Mori may never trust Lock again.


What Intrigued Me: When I was in high school, I spent an entire summer reading the Sherlock canon. All of it. Why? Because I’m super cool.

So I’m already sold on Sherlock Holmes. Any adaptation causes me to suffer a serious outbreak of grabby hands. So YA Sherlock Holmes…

*grabby hands*

What Hooked Me: I’m sure everyone has shipped Sherlock and Moriarty. They’re intellectual equals, they play mind games with each other, they’re practically dating. But Arthur Conan Doyle was a tease and never let those two crazy kids get together.

Heather Petty is not a tease.

So yeah, the makeout scenes…pretty fantastic.

What Made Me Fall In Love: I’m normally good with coping with the ends of novels. I am a grown woman. I can handle turning the page and discovering there is no more (for now).

Or so I thought.

This is how I coped with finishing Lock & Mori:

Clearly, I am handling this like an adult.

…But seriously, when does the next book come out?

No really, I need more

Lock & Mori is available online and at your local bookstore. Grab a copy before someone cleverer than you snatches them all.



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