Book Recommendation: Batgirl


Say Cheese!

High school Erica is back with a vengeance. Back then, I was the kid who always had a comic book (or manga) in her backpack—and was usually reading it under her desk during class. Back then I was all about Ultimate X-Men, Teen Titans, and Fullmetal Alchemist.

High School Erica 2.0 is better, faster, stronger. She also wears significantly less body glitter and tattoo chokers. And the comics she carries around in her purse are filled with some badass ladies.

Burnside – the coolest neighborhood in Gotham – is a hub for young artists, fashionistas and techies. And now, it is also home to Batgirl. As the newest resident of the city’s hippest zip code, Barbara has new roommates, a new school and a new costume.

But as Batgirl’s popularity grows (along with her devoted online fan base), Burnside suddenly seems to have an excess of Batgirls. And one of these imposters is out to kill off the original!


Says it all

What Intrigued Me: Since I was a kid, I’ve liked Barbara Gordon. I mean, forget about Robin, she could go toe to toe with Batman. She was smart. She had attitude. And after the Joker shot her, did her crime fighting career end? No. She built a super spy computer and created her own badass butt-kicking team of ladies. The Birds of Prey were the original #squadgoals.

So a Batgirl with a Twitter account? I am all over that.

What Hooked Me: Everyone knows what Babs gets up to at night. But during the day? Apparently she’s an equally talented computer programmer.

Which there is a precedent for (ORACLE!).

Balancing getting her degree with crime fighting? Just makes her that much tougher.

What Made Me Fall In Love: Barbara Gordan always had a more complicated double life than Bruce Wayne or Dick Grayson. Not only was she the only one with a family to lie to, but her dad was the police commissioner who worked with Batman. That’s a whole tangled know of secrets and lies.

Even so, she was the upbeat, positive one. Bruce was Debbie Downer, no one took Dick seriously (which is why he had to quit and start the Teen Titans to get some respect), but Barbara was the optimist. So it’s nice to see her away from the gloomy boys, acting her age and having fun. She has friends, she had allies (shout out to Dinah Lance), she has crushes, and she saves the city.

And, let’s face it, crime fighting with a hangover from a house party is hilarious.



Batgirl vol. 1 is available online and at your local comic book store. Nab a copy before a demented clown snatches them all.



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