Stuff I Learned in February


Yes Tyra!

Okay, February went by really, really fast. And while I didn’t achieve all the goals I set for myself, I did learn a lot. Here’s a summary:

  • Switching up my schedule is a motivational kick in the ass.
  • Staring at a blank pages never helps.
  • Always wear layers.
  • Spotify is great for productivity. Podcasts are not.
  • I now prefer to read books on my e-reader, rather than print.
  • Command strips are great, and hang many things around my apartment, but apparently can’t fix everything.
  • Banana bread is always a good idea.
  • I really love the editing process.
  • And the brainstorming process.
  • However, the drafting process occasionally makes me want to punch a hole in my laptop.
  • The cliff hangers at the end of horror stories get me every time.
  • I have seen more Broadway shows in 2016 than movies (so far).
  • Fat Cat is a better pillow than lap warmer.
  • I technically don’t need coffee to function in the morning. I just need a hot beverage.
  • I’m a little too obsessed with Home Goods.
  • Also, Pinterest.
  • My shortcut to escaping a writing rut is mixing up the form.
  • When not constrained by storytelling limits, my brain wanders into weird territory.
  • I cannot resist anything that reminds me of my childhood.
  • tumblr_o1bvawosgl1szu7s9o1_500
  • My TBR pile will probably bury me alive.
  • I really need to learn better sleep habits.

And on that note, let’s see what happens in March!


Yeah, not at all.


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