Camp NaNoWriMo 2016: Week 3


I know, RIGHT?

How is it already week 3? HOW?

*makes grabby hands as days gone by*

The Project: Omg, mutha-effin-breakthrough. About time. I have been staring at this plot wall for weeks (okay, months). I just kept running into it head first over, and over, and over, and over.

It’s enough to give a girl a story concussion.

And then finally—on the subway, listening to a science podcast of all things—something better than inspiration hits: revelation.

It’s like I’ve been trapped, staring at this wall for so long, and only just realized there’s a door right in front of my face. It was a massive facepalm moment.

I whipped out my phone and wrote down my idea. The note started, “OMG YOU DUMMY!”

So the NaNo project has new life, and I am slowly catching up.

About. Time.

My Mental State: What is this thing you call “social life”?


LSP is my spirit animal

Stats Thus Far:

Day: 19

Words: 10,000


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